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Published: 31st May 2011
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Many people today are struggling to lose weight. This is because they are not satisfied with their current weight which perhaps they feel is making them unhealthy or less beautiful. To most people, body weight is a strong determinant of an individual's beauty.

Therefore, it is apparent that many people's objective while joining weight loss clubs or engaging in a weight loss plans is to achieve their desired body weight or beauty as far as appearance is concerned.

Cambridge diet weight loss helps individuals lose weight by engaging them in a diet plan that will see them reduce their weight as per their desires. The institution does this by offering services of professional counselors. These counselors offers free advice to clients on the ideal body weight and guiding them on suitable program they can embark on to achieve their desired body weight.

Clients seeking services of this institution must first check their body mass before they can embark on any program. This is because professionals providing these services knows that some body weight conditions requires one to engage in more than one program.

For efficient weight loss, the institution prescribes nutritional diets which form an ideal foundation for efficient results. This is done after determining the individual's index of body mass and knowing the amount of weight he/she want to lose.

Some of the programs individuals can embark on after undergoing the first step of determining their body mass includes the following;

i. Sole source; this is a weight loss program that is very rapid. It is recommended for individuals who want to lose 3kg or more

ii. Weight maintenance; this is recommended for individuals who have attained their ideal body weight and would like to maintain it at that level.

iii. Gradual loss program; this weight loss program is a replacement program for meals recommended for individuals who want to lose less than 3kg of their body weight

iv. Balanced nutrition; this is a diet program which is recommended for everybody

The institution offers continuous services for everyone who wishes to lose, gain or maintain their current body weight. This is achieved by offering counseling and consultation services throughout the year to their clients.

Professional Cambridge weight loss counselors always recommend that individuals wishing to engage in any of their programs complete a medical record for customers. This is important as it enables the weight loss professionals know the customer's health record. Using this, they are able to predict the causes of their current weight status and then prescribe the appropriate program for them.

Different programs will results to varying rates of weight loss. The rate of weight loss is also determined by among other factors, an individual's biological make up. This may entail their genetic make up, body size and basal metabolic rate. A person's daily activities will also determine the rate at which they will lose weight.

However, it is possible for those engaging in the sole source weight loss program to lose 3kg on a single week averagely. Those in the meal replacement program can lose on average 0.5 to 1.5 kg every week.

Cambridge Diet Weight Loss programs have been praised by many people who have tried them for their effectiveness. The institution has persistently offered ideal programs and services for those struggling to achieve certain levels of body weight. Try their services today and join the many people who have tested and proved them right.

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